Unforeseen future events are why you need a Family Home Trust

Protection from creditors and legal action

Protection from relationship issues and property disputes

Gain control over what happens when you die

A family home trust, is a legal way to protect your family home and hold it for the future

This means your family home is held by the trustees and you no longer own it. This is where the benefits come from. It does not mean that you can't use the home or have a say in what happens, in fact the whole idea is that the trust protects your family interests and the home now and in the future.

A Family Trust doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg

For the first time ever technology makes the setting up of a family home trust affordable and easy.

  • Know your exact cost and save thousands
  • Set up and protect your Family Home from as little as $6 a day for a year
  • No need to worry about spending cash now, our simple finance option lets you pay weekly

Family Home Trusts made Simple and Online

TrustUs is an online service, making it quick and easy for you to set up your very own family trust to protect your home. Our processes, systems and documentation have been legally signed off by leading trust experts. With trusts being widely used in New Zealand you now have the choice to protect what matters to you. Without any hassle or expense, and have the documents you need ready to sign in a few minutes.

Legal Protection of your home

Add an Easy Will

Weekly Payment Options

Protect inter-generational wealth

Price Beat Guarantee

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