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TrustUs works with a number of Trusted Referrers within the Financial, Accounting and Legal Services space. Covering many facets from insurance, mortgages and superannuation right through to accounting and trustee services. If you are looking for support, as well as gaining access to specialist expertise please search our database for an Authorised Referrer closest to you. Our Authorised Referrers work to a strict code of conduct and are able to support you with requesting (or creating) your own Family Home Trust.



Specialist Areas of Expertise


Please select the Authorised Referrer you believe is the best fit for you before requesting contact, as TrustUs is unable to guarantee the services they provide.


TrustUs authorisation means that Referrers are proficient in the use of our TrustUs platform. TrustUs authorisation does not assess any adviser’s proficiency in their individual specialist areas of expertise. TrustUs authorised adviser are not employees of TrustUs.


TrustUs does not certify, warrant or guarantee the quality of services provided or advice given by any Adviser.

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Digital Enablement starts right here. TrustUs is looking to partner with forward-thinking Advisers to ensure asset protection and estate planning becomes an important part of every families household. Engage and support your customers using all the advantages of modern technology.


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