How do I put a Buffer between the Risks of the World and my Assets?


Most of us spend a lifetime accumulating stuff


In some cases, we inherit money and other valuables when older family members pass on. The majority of adults also spend much of their lives working in order to earn money that goes toward both living expenses and purchases like a home, automobiles, and assets like art, jewelry, and so on. The only problem with acquiring such assets is that you have something to lose, and there is no shortage of risk factors. Family members, creditors, and a host of other potential claimants could come after you trying to take the wealth you have amassed. How can you protect your assets from such attacks?


There are all kinds of ways to engage in asset protection


That is effectively building a barrier between your valuables and the risks that could cause you to lose some or all of the wealth you spend your life growing. If you own a business, for example, you can take steps to legally separate your professional and personal interests by setting up a corporate structure. This will make it impossible for business creditors to come after your personal assets for repayment should your company fail.


Using insurance to protect against risks 


You can also protect your assets by purchasing appropriate insurance. Business, home, and auto insurance policies can help to ensure that accidents don't end up in lawsuits that put your personal assets at risk. Health insurance also means that you won't have to start selling off assets in order to pay unexpected medical bills, and life insurance can provide your family with the money they need to stay in a family home and continue paying bills in the event of your untimely demise (and the loss of your income).


Ring-fencing assets using trust structures 


Don't forget about family trusts, as well. These structures can keep your assets safe from all kinds of risk factors by taking them out of your name and placing them in a trust shelter until such time as they are passed along to named beneficiaries. Whether you own and operate a family business, you're accident prone, or you're worried that there will be squabbles over assets following your death, trusts can provide you with the protections that ensure your valuables will go to intended loved ones rather than other claimants. At the very least, setting up a family home trust assures that your spouse and children have a place to live should assets come under attack.


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