How to Get the Conversation Started


About Estate Planning


Most families don't even realize they have an estate. This term tends to be reserved for the wealthy elite. However, if you have a home, a retirement account, and some money in the bank, you have an estate. Without proper asset protection in place, there's no guarantee it will survive. It is time to get the conversation started about estate planning. Maybe you're looking ahead to your own future needs and the needs of your spouse and children. Perhaps you're about to create a blended family through a second marriage. It maybe you're worried that your elderly parents haven't given much thought to the prospect of wills and family trusts. Now is the time to start the conversation. How can you approach the subject?


Use Others as Examples


No one wants to profit from the suffering of others. However, you can certainly use the hardships of those you know as a cautionary take. Perchance, a friend or loved one passes away without leaving an estate plan. Their beneficiaries could suffer all kinds of hardships in the aftermath. Any remaining family will have to go through probate and let a judge determine where assets should be allocated. Plus, other claimants could come out of the woodwork. They may be whittling away at the estate or tying it up in legal battles for the foreseeable future. You don't want this to happen to your family. Thus, estate planning is the best way to avoid such hassles.


Do Your Homework


Perhaps you want to pen a will or create a family home trust. The best way to get started is with some research. This will help you understand your options. If you're approaching family members with the intention of discussing estate planning, they're going to have questions. With proper planning, you'll have the answers at the ready or at least know where to find them. This will help you to put your own estate plan in place. Additionally, it will convince relatives like parents to follow in your footsteps.


Appeal to Familial Sentiment


Discussing finances can be almost as tricky as talking about the fact that we're all going to die someday. Addressing both topics in one conversation could be all the more difficult. However, you can approach the subject of estate planning. Appeal to the sentiment your loved ones feel for their family. Nobody wants to see their accumulated wealth and assets go to probate. They don't want it claimed by outsiders. Therefore, this may convince your loved ones to finally start the estate planning process.


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After all, it's in your hands.