Is Customer Service still important today?


In one word: Yes 


In fact, customer service is even more important today than it once was. In a world that is becoming impersonalized by anonymous, online interactions, customer service seems to be falling by the wayside. This has led to a serious turn of events. Consumers no longer trust the companies that provide their products and services. Without a human face and personal interactions, why should they? And why should they remain loyal? Many companies are coming to understand the importance of customer service, and recognize that, in this day and age, it can be the key to loyal patronage. For consumers interested in asset protection and planning for the future, customer service is an essential part of making informed decisions that they can feel good about.


Get Connected


Providing exceptional customer service begins with making it easy for customers to connect. Those interested in protecting their financial future with family trusts have many questions about both the benefits of such a move and the practical aspects of managing a trust. From a customer service perspective, providing an address, phone number, email address, and social media accounts for customers to follow is a great way to allow for interaction. A live chat feature offers even more convenience, provided qualified staff are available to man the line, so to speak. Consumers don't want to have to chase down answers or go through automated systems for hours on end. They want to speak with a real person and receive a personal response. Easy access makes for happy customers.


Carry on a Conversation


Interacting with customers is an art form. Good customer service has several basic tenets. First, representatives must be polite, friendly, respectful, and helpful. They must be familiar with the products and services offered so that they can answer questions in a concise and intelligent manner. They must be attentive to ensure that they understand the customer's problems or questions, and they must be responsive. Carrying on a conversation requires listening, speaking, and responding in a professional and appropriate manner. Good customer service can turn a negative experience into a positive one.


Follow Up


Customer care is an important part of any business.  In all honesty, companies that want repeat business and referrals do care about their clients. The completion of a family home trust shouldn't be the end of an interaction between a business and a consumer. A follow up to thank the customer for his/her business is thoughtful.  Satisfied customers may even be happy to fill out a survey or write a review relating to their positive experience.

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After all, it's in your hands.