Storing important documents online: Is It Safe?


It's not unusual to fear the unknown


It's only natural that you might not trust newer online storage options when it comes to protecting your important documents. But with more and more people demanding cloud storage solutions, the companies offering such services have put security measures (firewalls, network security, encryption, etc.) and backup contingencies in place to better protect the sensitive data entrusted to them. In fact, it may actually be safer to store your important documents online, or at least to utilize this option as a supplement to saving hard copies of legal documents like birth certificates, deeds, and family trusts, just for example. Here are a few things to consider before dismissing the idea of online document storage out of hand.

Are your important documents easy to find?


Although most of us have long used locking file cabinets to store important documents, mainly because it was the best solution, there are now newer and better options available. And you've likely endured some hard work on the asset protection front, paying to create legal documents to ensure that your family will get everything they're due in the event of your untimely demise. That said, you clearly want to do all you can to make sure that the files documenting these protections are accessible. So when you think about it, hard copies might not actually be very secure at all.


What happens to your documents if there is a natural disaster?


What will happen to your legal documents in the event of a fire or a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake? After all, you probably won't have time to grab them as you are evacuated from your home. In all likelihood, they could be damaged or destroyed. What if you suffer a home invasion robbery that results in theft? Not only could these documents be taken, but they could be used to steal your identity, causing you untold stress. You might argue that the same could happen with digital copies stored on a home computer. But when you use cloud storage, this is not the case. Documents like your marriage license, property titles, and family home trust will be securely stored online, accessible from any device at any time.


Online storage is a great back up for hard copy records


And of course, you can ensure the greatest possible security by using appropriately strong passwords - just make sure to memorize them. When you want to protect your main asset and other forms of wealth in order to preserve them for future generations, you can't stop at establishing trusts. You also need to keep associated documents safe. With online storage and proper security measures, you can do just that.

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