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Deed of Nomination vs Transfer of Title


When is the family home protected under a Trust?


Some believe that the family home is not fully protected until the transfer of title has occurred. This isn’t true or correct. You do not obtain full protection under a trust until some years after the completion of your gifting programme. This is because there is still a debt owed to you in your personal capacity until the debt has been fully extinguished. The transfer of title is to show a transactional record; it doesn’t mean the property is now safe and secure.

Gaining the protection you are wanting under a family home trust relates more to the length of time your trust has been in existence and how long your gifting programme has been fully completed for, i.e. a strong forward-planner would not hold assets in their personal capacity and would have completed/extinguished the debts at least five years prior to any issues arising.


What is a Deed of Nomination? 


A Deed of Nomination for Real Property is technically a conveyance under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act. This is why a Lawyer or Conveyancer has to prepare the document. If anyone else does it, they are breaking the law. The difference is that our customers have a choice to decide when the timing is right to Transfer the Title of their Property. Which will most likely be at a time where the cost is minimised (i.e. when next refinancing, or buying and selling) as you will be paying for conveyancing and the transfer of title anyway.


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