Our Team

TrustUs has been developed from a desire to make asset protection and estate planning easy for home owners.

Bringing together many skills and capabilities, and utilising technology, a robust solution is now available.

We know how important it is to protect your home and it is our personal mission to help as many families as we can, get the protection they deserve.

In following with our mission we have spent over a decade developing our services. Having partnered with leading trust and technology experts we are now able to provide services digitally, and at a price we can all afford.

By removing all the pain and inconvenience, we are able to give considerable value and time back to our customers. We help you protect your home in a smart way, while getting your wills sorted and protect your next generation.

Corey Marsland

Founder & Company Director

Marsland Consulting NZ Limited

“I began TrustUs to make a real difference. To remove all the physical barriers that have been stopping families from protecting what they have today, while building a legacy for tomorrow”

For the last 25+ years I have worked across a number of industries. I started my career in retail working my way to management. Being involved in a number of projects over the years I have held positions in the superannuation, insurance, trustee, financial services and banking industries.

I have worked with leading experts in wealth and asset protection, which is where I gained my knowledge and interest in using trusts as an asset protection strategy to help families across generations.

I now use my expertise and knowledge to build digital convenience. To ensure customers easily access the right expertise, when needed, at the right time, easily.

What is that last burning question you have unanswered about TrustUs? Lets schedule a meeting and get that answered for you.

Jane Eschenbach

Company Director

Change Leadership in Financial Services

“I have a passion for effecting change and ensuring we are smart about delivering value to customers while supporting specialist advice. It's exciting for me to be part of an innovative team that is plugging a significant gap in the marketplace.”

During the last 20+ years I’ve worked with many businesses setting up and operationalising strategy, creating and maintaining strategic alliances, and establishing and building advice and sales capability in adviser channels throughout New Zealand.

I saw immediately how TrustUs, a robustly researched and built digital financial services tool could help customers to protect their businesses and families. This inspired me to take the Directorship opportunity.

This click-smart approach not only makes setting up Wills and Trusts easy, it also means advisers can focus on their specialist expertise and employers can help their staff access a tool which complements their investment in employee benefits. The local and global potential of this ingenuous digital platform is very exciting.

Lincoln Watson

Company Chairman & Director

General Manager Digital and Kowhiri

“I have an immense amount to add having worked in technology, wealth and trust sectors. Having owned my own software and consultancy business, as well as running IT at Goldman Sachs NZ, Craigs Investment Partners, The Trust Company and Perpetual Guardian”

My role now includes managing Kowhiri which is a specialist provider of digital services for the estate planning industry with the vision of being the global leader in software in the industry.

Kowhiri took a big leap toward its vision with the acquisition of Documents Plus Ltd whose software is used to write 500,000+ wills annually around the world.

Andrew Barnes

Angel Investor

CEO of Perpetual Guardian

“With a track record of market-changing innovations, I am triggering a revolution of the entire New Zealand fiduciary and legal services industries”

Our transformation will only lead to greater positive outcomes for hard working families like yours, both locally and globally. Being the managing director of Perpetual Guardian I have a vision to simplify the way our trustee services are made available.

This led me to start Kowhiri. A company specialising in finding innovative ways to help New Zealanders with Estate Planning. In turn, leading to our support and investment in TrustUs.

Rachel Marsland

Customer Care Manager

Marsland Consulting NZ Limited

“I have a strong understanding of what makes an organisation tick and ensure customers are always supported and respected, in each and every contact”

I joined TrustUs to provide marketing, communications and the very best experience possible. For the last 20 years I have worked across a number of organisations.

I started my career in accounts administration and advertising. I have worked within customer services and help desk support for many years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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