The Process

We have made the process easy to complete online


Our process of setting up a family home trust is simple. It involves a small number of legal documents, and you could have your very own family home trust in a matter of minutes.


How does TrustUs work?

  1. Sign up (this is free) and load your personal details
  2. Decide on a name for your family home trust and load your family home details (have your latest rates notice handy)
  3. Confirm your details, make payment and print your trust deed ready for signing
  4. Wait for the deed of nomination to be emailed to you (within 5 working days)

If required, to help you have a discussion with your family, we have provided a simple guide to the process as a PDF. Click here to view and print.

To request a copy of our White Paper: Protecting your Lifestyle in the Digital Age Click here.


Simple & Easy


Load your details and make payment when you are ready


We have built in multimedia, and other supporting material as a practical way for you to learn, as and when you need to. Also, the trust documents have been written in plain english so our documents are easy to understand, yet very robust.


Print your trust deed within minutes


You can set up and maintain your family home trust whenever you desire. There are no appointments to make, no parking fees and this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Making Payment


Historically setting up a family trust has been out of the reach of most people, with the average set up cost being well in excess of $3,000. Our pricing of $1,500 reflects our mission to use technology to bring this asset protection solution to more New Zealanders. All you need is your credit card and current rates notice and you are ready to go.


Do you have your latest rates notice handy?


You'll need this as a current valuation. If you have misplaced your latest rates notice and can not access this through your local council website there may be a small additional cost to you in ordering an e-Valuer Report from at an estimated $35.65 to $47.95.


The Documents


The Process and Documents have been developed by Leading Experts


The family home trust documents have been prepared by one of New Zealands leading Trust experts Chris Kelly (BA LLM DipMgmt TEP, Barrister and Solicitor). Chris has over 30 years experience specialising in Wills, Trusts and Estates.

Chris previously worked for many years as a lawyer at Public Trust, and was also General Counsel at The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company. In addition, Chris is co-author of two leading legal texts: Garrow & Kelly Law of Trusts and Trustees (6th edition) and Dobbie's Probate Administration Practice (5th edition).

Chris attended Victoria University in the 1970s graduating with a Bachelor of Laws. He later completed study for a Diploma of Management from the New Zealand Institute of Management. In 2009 Chris completed a Master of Laws with a thesis on Trustee Accountability. He is a member of the New Zealand Law Society, the Property Law Section and the UK based Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).




We want to be sure that this solution is right for you. You (and your partner) must be 18 years of age or older to establish a family home trust in New Zealand.


This solution is not right for you if you are trying to:

If you are setting up a family trust for any of these reasons we recommend you see a Financial, Trust or Tax Specialist to seek specific independent financial advice appropriate to your own circumstances.


The information on this website is general in nature relating to New Zealand owned assets and should not be deemed as advice to any individuals.