Being Responsive to Change


Continuous Improvement 


At TrustUs we are all about continually pushing forward, educating, myth busting and simplifying. Testing and adjusting to provide clarity and reduce pain and inconvenience for our customers.

We work on a regular update cycle for improvements from what we are hearing in the market place and from our customers.

Online Learning


Professional Development


Trusted Referrer Feedback

How can we quickly learn about Asset Protection and Estate Planning?

Situation: Is TrustUs going to provide online learning that supports Professional Development for Advisers?


[18-Mar-18] Update: We have now built an online learning environment that is Adviser-Centric: with engaging, interactive, practical and readily-accessible ongoing learning. Initially containing Trusts, Wills and EPAs modules (with 8 units) the course covers general principles of estate planning right through to specific tools and sample client conversations.  Subject Matter Experts from within the estate planning, risk insurance, legal and accounting fields have shaped the content. In addition, the wealth of information within legal and government websites, industry articles and statistics has been drawn on... 

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Shareholder Insurance Trusts


Helping Business Clients


Trusted Referrer Feedback

Complicated Buy-Sell Agreements

Situation: Buy-Sell agreements are cost prohibitive, there is lots of confusion and there always looks to be problems when it comes to claim time. Can TrustUs provide a better solution?


[04-Mar-18] Update: We understand setting up shareholder cover for funding is one thing. But it's about more than just cash. You need a solution that provides for the right amount, right time, right hands, right thinking, the right protection and right process. This solution is now available with our Shareholder Insurance Trust. 

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Animated Videos


Easy Online Learning


Trusted Referrer Feedback

Watch, Learn and Share

Request: We would like a central page that provides the video animations we are then able to share with our clients.


[18-Feb-18] Update: We now have a dedicated page to be able to share our animated videos. The animations cover creditors, relationship property, creating a legacy and more...

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For Advisers


Understanding Client Situations


Trusted Referrer Feedback

Supporting Online and Offline Referrals

Request: We would like a central page that provides all the support material we need to help with our conversations and fact find needs analysis.


[04-Feb-18] Update: We now have a page dedicated to adviser support with links to online learning, order forms. giving advice and needs analysis. The page also provides links to social media, digital collateral and branding material. 

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Blended Families


Understanding Estate Planning Concepts


Customer Feedback

How to Guide

Situation: I have a complicated family situation. How do I protect the interests of both sides of the family?


[21-Jan-18] Update: We now have a tool that helps explain how Trusts, Wills and Life Insurance is used with new relationships and blended family situations. 

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Assisted Service


Providing Support


Customer Feedback

Is there someone available to help?

Situation: I like the approach and pricing, however I don't feel I am a strong computer user. Do you have anyone available to help support me through the process if I have questions?


[07-Jan-18] Update: It is important to feel confident and supported. TrustUs work with a number of Trusted Referrers covering many specialist areas. We have made this database visible to you to select and request support.   

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Document Maintenance


Codicil for a Complex Existing Will


Customer Feedback

Adding to my Wishes

Situation: I already have a complex (and expensive) will I do not want to revoke.


[27-Aug-17] Update: We now have a Codicil adding a Backup Trustee and Forgiveness of Debt for the New Family Home Trust, so you do not need to revoke your will. 

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Codicil to an Easy Will for Guardianship


Customer Feedback

Deciding on Guardians

Situation: It has taken me some time to decide on Guardians for my children. I now wish to add Guardianship to my Easy Will.


[27-Aug-17] Update: We now have a Codicil adding Guardianship clauses to your Easy Will.

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When setting up a Trust Bank Account


Customer Feedback

Complex Trust Questions

Situation: My current bank has a really complex form to complete. I am not sure how to answer some of the questions to set up a trust bank account and deposit $10 into it. Can you help me?


[27-Aug-17] Update: We have checked the processes across all major banks. Where complex forms are being used, we can now prepopulate the information and answers you need to set up your trust bank account.

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Assisted Service Order Form


Referrer Branded Dynamic Order Forms


Referrer Feedback

Operational Approach to Referrals

Situation: I prefer to work from a no-advice order form. Can you build a branded online order form to fit within my business and website? This is so I can educate and support my customers with solving their own estate planning and asset planning needs easily.


[13-Aug-17] Update: We have now designed and tested an online experience to help you manoeuvre your way through a potentially complex subject with your customers. You can order a branded experience if you are a Trusted Referrer with the link below. 

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Mobile Responsive Order Forms


Customer Feedback

Breaking Down Complexity

Situation: I don't believe that every situation is so complex that I need expensive advice to solve my needs. Can you help firstly breakdown common situations, so I can determine if my situation is complex? Secondly, educate me on what is needed in these different situations?


[02-Jul-17] Update: We now have an improved on-boarding and education process for our customers, using online forms based on different situations. The order forms take advantage of all our online innovations, including our explainer videos.

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Search Usability


Exact Match User Search 


Customer Feedback

Easy Access to Information

Situation: I want to be able to search the TrustUs site using an exact search for fact finding.


[30-Jul-17] Update: We now have an exact match within the search function by using "quotes".

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Offering Support when Registering


Welcome Text Message 


Customer Feedback

Offering Support

Situation: I want to know there is someone available if I have any questions, or want support.


[16-Jul-17] Update: We now send a text on registration, introducing customers to our support. Help is now only a text, call or email away.

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Understanding Your Trust Deed


Adding a Q & A Section


Non-Professional Trustees

Rule Book

Situation: There is currently an industry issue around many trustees not understanding the terms of their trust deed. What does a high quality trust deed look like? 


[02-Jul-17] Update: We have added a Q & A section to our website covering off a range of practical well written clause examples in plain English.

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Adding to the Help Section


Understanding Tenancy in Common Property Ownership


Customer Feedback

Knowledge Building

Situation: What is the difference between Tenancy in Common and Joint Tenancy?


[18-Jun-17] Update: We have added an explanation and examples to our Help section of the website.

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30 Second Survey


Adding a Retirement Qualification Question


Referrer Feedback

Right Timing

Situation: I have customers whom want to use the Family Home Trust solution, only to find out as they step through the process their time horizon is too short. What I mean by this is they are about to retire, or have retired already. 


[04-Jun-17] Update: We have added a qualification question to our 30 Second Survey (on our main page) to help prevent this from happening in the future.

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Education Microsite



Wills, Trusts and the Administration Act


Referrer Feedback

Knowledge Building

Situation: I would like to have a branded education site that helps me explain what happens when someone dies without a will. I also want to be able to explain why having a will is important, as well as explaining family trusts when a customer owns a family home in their personal capacity. 


[21-May-17] Update: We have now designed, built and tested an online experience to help you manoeuvre your way through this potentially complex subject with your customers. You can order a branded experience if you are a Trusted Referrer with the link below. 

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Proof of Concept


Industry Training Feedback

Customer Engagement

Situation: Industry Trainers are wanting tools and solutions available to help explain in an engaging way the implications of dying without a Will, The Administration Act, Being a Home Owner and how to safeguard ones future. 


[09-Apr-17] Update: We now have a mobile responsive site built. Explaining the implications of dying without a Will. The Administration Act. Being a Home Owner and how to safeguard ones future. The site takes advantage of our other online innovations, including whiteboard animations.

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eBrochure for Email and Text


Being One Click Away


Referrer Feedback

Customer Convenience

Situation: I want to have a eBrochure that allows me to easily email (or text) a customer the information they need. I also want to ensure that any purchases that are achieved are tracked and recorded against me.   


[07-May-17] Update: We have designed, built and tested our eBrochure so material (video, blogs and registration...) is only one click away for customers. We have also embedded unique tracking so any registration is linked directly to the referrer.    

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Brochure for Printing and Sending


Marketing and Education Collateral


Referrer Feedback

Sharing and Recognition

Situation: I want to have a Brochure that allows me to easily print and send a customer the information they need in the post. I also want to ensure that any purchases that are achieved are tracked and recorded against me.   


[23-Apr-17] Update: We have designed a Brochure with a PROMO CODE where the customer is able to achieve a discount when a code is used on purchasing. This code links the referrer to the purchase for reporting and tracking.   

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Education Explainer Videos


Short Whiteboard Animations


Industry Training Feedback

Understanding Why

Situation: Industry Trainers are wanting tools and solutions available to help explain in an engaging way the fundamental elements of Asset Protection and Estate Planning. 


[09-Apr-17] Update: We have created a range of short animations (with captions) to help answer these questions for trainers, advisers and customers alike. 

  • Creditor Protection: Understanding Business risks as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Start Up. [Learn More]
  • Property Disputes: Understanding who gets what and the protections you can put in place prior to a new relationship. [Learn More]
  • Estate Planning: Understanding what you can do to protect your kids legacy if something were to happen to you. [Learn More]
  • Deed of Nomination: Understanding how existing home owners can hold real property as nominee until their next purchase (or refinance) to save thousands on conveyancing costs when they set up a Family Trust. [Learn More]
  • Dying leaving a partner with children: Explaining how in certain circumstances it is smart to have a Professional Backup Trustee. [Learn More]
  • Dying leaving children without parents: Explaining how in certain circumstances it is smart to have a Professional Backup Trustee. [Learn More]
  • Transferring life insurance into a trust: Preserving a customers legacy and protecting the interests of their children for years into the future. [Learn More]

Samples of Documents



Example Signed Documents


Customer Feedback

Signing Documents Correctly

Situation: I would like material that clearly shows me how I should be signing, dating and having documents witnessed. 


[23-Mar-17] Update: We have created a range of sample signed documents (using fictional characters) and added these to our user guide section of the website: 

Letter of Wishes 

Trust Deed 

IR596 Form 

Deed of Nomination 

Resolution - Transferring the Family Home 

Easy Will 

Resolution - Transferring Life Insurance


Draft Documents


Customer Feedback

Look and Feel

Situation: I need to have confidence in the quality of the documents being created. Please provide sample documents I can download and look over?


[12-Mar-17] Update: We have created a range of example draft documents (using fictional characters) and added these to our user guide section of the website: 

Letter of Wishes 

Trust Deed 

IR596 Form 

Deed of Nomination 

Resolution - Transferring the Family Home 

Easy Will

Resolution - Transferring Life Insurance

YouTube User Guides


Online Best Practice


Industry Feedback

Supporting the Hearing Impaired

Situation: Best Practice: Screen capture, voice over and captioning to account for different learning styles. 


[26-Feb-17] Update: We have updated out User Guides to include captioning for the hearing impaired.


Guide 01 - Family Home Trust

Online Registration

Quick Login

Loading Your Details

Loading Your Partners Details

Loading Your Children’s Details

Loading Reasons

Naming Your Family Trust

Confirming Roles

Family Home Address and Valuation Details

Terms & Conditions

Viewing your Trust Deed

Making Payment

Viewing & Printing

Signing & Witnessing

Requesting a Family Trust IRD Number

Secure Storage of Important Documents


Guide 02 - Easy Wills

Preparing Easy Wills


Guide 03 - Transferring Life Insurance

Transferring Term Life Insurance to your Family Home Trust


Guide 04 - Secure Online Storage

Secure Backup Copies of Important Documents

Identity Footprint


Personalising Your Settings 


Customer Feedback

My Digital Footprint

Situation: I want to be able to store my digital footprint details in one place securely. This makes sense to be TrustUs if I am storing important back up copies of my documents on your site.  


[12-Feb-17] Update: We now have updated our settings tab to include your digital footprint details on our secure platform.

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Assisted Service with Financial Advisers


Adviser Approach


Industry Compliance Feedback

Referral Business

Situation: There is a lack of clarity in the industry around understanding the differences between referring, recommending and giving advice. 


[18-Dec-16] Update: We now have Supporting Material from IDS on best practice.

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Offering Consumer Finance


Weekly Payment Options


Customer Feedback

Family Budget

Situation: I have a young family and a mortgage to pay, so I have little disposable income at the moment. I see the need and want to protect my family, are you able to offer payment plans over say 12 months?


[09-Oct-16] Update: We have updated our payment plans and have partnered with Finance Now to build in consumer financing into our platform. So your first 12 months costs come down to less than $6 a day. 

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Identity Verification


Proof of Identity


Industry Standard

Honesty & Transparency

Situation: The industry has concerns around the potential for Money Laundering and Fraud and requires Proof of Identity for financial transactions.    


[20-Oct-16] Update: We now have API verification with the Department of Internal Affairs to provide proof of identity validation on our customers Drivers Licence and Passport details. 

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Expectation Setting


T & C's, Code of Conduct and Privacy Policies


Rules of Engagement

Shared Beliefs

Situation: We wanted to ensure we have clear and strong policies clearly setting out expectations.  


[15-Oct-16] Update: We have had a review and recommendations made by AJ Park Intellectual Property Experts and have updated our policies accordingly.


For Referrers 

Terms & Conditions

Code of Conduct 

Privacy Policy


For Customers 

Terms & Conditions 

Privacy Policy

Sharing of Information


Giving Permission and Encrypted Sharing


Online Security

Safe Environment

Situation: There is a clear need to provide permissions for the user to link and share documentation securely with their referrer (if they choose to and have one).   


[09-Oct-16] Update: By linking a referrers unique code to a users privacy permissions we are able to provide secure encrypted sharing: being the transfer of files directly through our site as HTTPS, which is secured by our SSL certificate. Pretty Smart Right!

Online Security

Industry Best Practice


Regular System Updates


eCommerce: For Online Payment Processing using DPS Payment Express.


User Access: With a 2 Step password change. Initiating a request to re-establish access to the users account. Involving getting users to the page that enables them to reset their password, only by an encrypted link sent to the users secure email address.


Secure Website Certificates: For Encryption. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to TrustUs details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Digital Usability


Moving to Responsive Design


Adapting to User Preferences

New Technology

Situation: Moving to providing solutions that match the technology being used by our customers. For greater reach and an all-round nicer digital experience across mobile, tablets, iPads and desktops. 


[25-Sep-16] Update: We have moved the experience from less layers to responsive design looking at speed of upload and downloads right through to flexibility across different screen sizes.

Service Offer


Changing to Bundled Services


Industry Feedback

Ongoing Compliance

Situation: There is a clear need to combat the risks around ongoing compliance for family trusts.


[11-Sep-16] Update: We pivoted and changed from a product focus to an ongoing service focus to provide industry best practice (support and coaching) for non-professional trustees.

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Agreement to Proceed


Product Exclusions


Fit For Purpose

Right Solution

Situation: Confirming users have looked at all the information and have made their own investigations. That they have sought legal and other advice, as they have felt necessary. So they are able to proceed on their own judgement with the Deed of Trust and Deed of Nomination. 


Update: Providing Industry leadership with a clear opt out (can not proceed) under certain circumstances.

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Product Offer


Products & Services


Document Output Focus

Product Enhancements

Situation: Document Pricing Model that allows a user to pick and mix the documents they want, covered Trust Establishment, Easy Wills, Transfer of Life Insurance and Secure Online Storage. 


Update: We have now created the below product sets:

  • Trust Establishment: Including checklist instructions, Letter of Wishes, Trust Deed (in plain English), the Deed of Nomination (Holding the Family Home as Nominee) and Trustee Resolution for the Family Home.
  • Easy Will: Covering Executor, Funeral Wishes, Gifts, Rest of Estate, General Powers and Trustee Powers.
  • Transfer of Life Insurance into Trust: Including checklist instructions, Trustee Resolution - Transfer Insurance Policy, the Memorandum of Transfer and the letter to the Insurer.
  • Secure Online Storage: Providing a digital backup service for storing important documents to account for a lack of transparency and visibility for beneficiaries.

Offline Complex Advice


When Situations do not fit the Digital Experience 


Complex Referrals to Experts

Exception Management

Situation: Sourcing specialist partners to help solve problems for the general public that do not fit the TrustUs solution.


Update: We now have a range of experts we can refer complex situations to.

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Quality Assurance


Checks and Balances


Industry Leaders

Expert Testing

Situation: Multiple reviews of our online processes, systems and documentation completed by Chris Kelly [Barrister] Trust & Estate Expert [1st Legal Opinion]. Second Review undertaken by Chris Corry [Barrister] for a Conservative Legal Opinion [2nd Opinion]. Third Review by Alan Campbell [Solicitor] to be able to offer Conveyancing Services.


Update: We now have a quality assured online process, systems and documentation for creating and managing a Family Home Trust online for non-professional trustees.

  • Family Situation: Relationship status, children and intentions.
  • Fit for Purpose: Can not proceed if immediate creditors, looking for rest home subsidies, trying to minimise tax or transfer a leaky home.
  • Main Reason: Clear intentions.
  • Trust Name: Providing naming conventions.
  • Structure: Confirming Settlor(s), Trustee(s) and Primary Benficiary(ies).
  • Beneficiaries: Final Beneficiaires.
  • Family Home Details: Current value less than 6 months old.

Digital Usability


Moving from Desktop to Tablet


Adapting to User Preferences


Situation: Moving to providing solutions that match the technology being used by our customers for greater reach across tablets, iPads and desktops for greater reach. 


Update: We now have a commercial grade build of our solution from HTML to HTML5 CMS with cloud storage, encryption and with e-Commerce.

System Testing


Product Development


User Testing & Refinement


Situation: Undertaking User Acceptance Testing (for variations and adjusting for lessons learnt) to create elegant simplicity of our processes and systems as well as understanding "right timing" to introduce human contact with user pain points. It isn't all about zero friction to purchase.


Update: HTML full site and user testing was completed. As well as refinement of online processes for the establishment of a family trust, wills, enduring powers of attorney, deeds of sale, conveyancing and annual gifting including web chat and e-commerce using PayPal. Additional video, screen capture and multi-media supporting content built also uploaded to the platform.

Process Improvement


Online Estate Planning Detailed Build


Prototyping and Product Development


Situation: Full Service Build figuring out fish hooks and pain points, scope, likelihood and right timing for system enhancements.


Update: Full prototype build in HTML Interact CMS. Trademark and brand design development. Construction of online establishment of a family trust, wills, enduring powers of attorney, deeds of sale, conveyancing and annual gifting including web chat and e-commerce with PayPal. Including video, screen capture and multi-media supporting content.



Prototyping & Product Development


Detailed Design


Situation: Full Service wire frame and requirements specifications. SWOT Analysis and Market Sizing of the Opportunity.


Update: Detailed Concept Design and Prototyping. Development of User Flow using Adobe Flash and Online Forms to construct Trust Deeds, Deeds of Sale, Conveyancing Documentation, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Conveyancing when Establishing a Family Trust.