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Guide 01 - Setting up your own Family Home Trust


The below YouTube material and guidance will help you navigate your way through the process of setting up your own Family Home Trust


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Step 01

How to Register 


Click on the Register button at the top right corner of this screen. Watch our video to show you how easy this step is. See, that wasn't too difficult was it? Your next step is being able to log in. 

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Step 02

Logging in for the First Time 


Head to the top right hand corner and click on Login. Keep in mind that there is no risk to you, as we only ask for payment at the very end, when you are completely happy with the solution you have prepared. We purposely chunk our process up so you can stop and start, and save as you go. We know what it is like to have a young family and any free time. So simply work through our process at your pace.


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Step 03

Loading your Personal Details


The beauty of this step is there is no one else involved, so the chances of your name being entered wrong, is pretty slim. But if you do happen to have a typo, don't worry. We have a final confirmation step, where you can go back and correct any details if needed. If you took out your stop watch, the process really is that quick and easy. Your next step is loading your partners details. That is if you have a partner.


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Step 04

Loading your Partners Details 


The hardest part of this step is remembering to spell your partners middle name correctly and remembering their date of birth. It might just pay to have these details at your finger tips beforehand. As you can see from our demo, the process is pretty painless. The hard part is asking for your partners date of birth. We suggest chocolates and a hot drink before asking for these details.


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Step 05

Loading your Children's Details as Final Beneficiaries 


If you have children, this is where you get to load their details. Your children or future children will become final beneficiaries of your family home trust. This step is really important, as after all you are looking to protect your family home, so one day you have a legacy to pass on.


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Step 06

Loading your Reasons for Setting Up your Family Home Trust 


We all have different reasons. We have warnings built into our solution, so you do not get yourself into trouble. If warnings do show up, you really should seek specialist advice. Our solution is likely not to be right for you. The next step is the best part of the process. What are you going to call your Family Home Trust?


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Step 07

Naming your Family Home Trust 


We have been pretty boring here and suggested your Last Name, Initials and then Family Home Trust. But the name of your family home trust is completely up to you. We have found with our customers that this step takes the longest to gain agreement on. So you might want to be having those conversations now.


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Step 08

Confirming your Roles within your Family Home Trust 


You (and your partner - if you have one) are defined as the Settlors, Trustees and Primary Beneficiaries. This is so your rights are protected first, over your children. This is so you don't have your lovely children kick you out, in your later years when you start to get a bit annoying. The rights to your family home only pass to your children after you are no longer here.

We know the above might seem a bit technical. We have had the best trust experts in the country over the process and documentation with a fine tooth comb. To ensure the trust deed is structured in Plain English, very practical and correct. The next step is loading your family home details.


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Step 09

Loading your Family Home Address Details 


There are a few obvious requirements at this step. Firstly, that you are the existing home owners. Secondly, that you have your latest rates notice handy, so you have a current valuation that is less than 6 months old. We have a bit of smarts in this step. If your address is the same as the address you loaded in our registration step, you do not need to load the details in a second time.

You are almost done now. See it didn't take long at all. Others can take hours simply asking you to write all your details into a form, then meeting with them, taking hours out of your day.


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Step 10

Agreeing to our Terms & Conditions 


At this step you are confirming you own your own home, you are of legal age. You are not doing anything illegal and you agree to our Terms & Conditions. That you are OK with us forwarding your details onto our Conveyancing Lawyer to quickly prepare a Deed of Nomination for you.


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Step 11

Viewing your Trust Deed 


At this point, you are able to view the first five pages of your family home trust deed. So you can rest assured the details you have loaded are correct before proceeding any further.

Once you are happy, the last steps are making payment and then being able to download your trust deed ready for signing.


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Step 12

Making Payment


The best part about this step is that you actually save thousands of dollars. We purposefully priced our solution so our customers get a direct savings straight away. We also offer Consumer Financing. We honestly believe you should not have a price barrier to protecting your home, lifestyle and your family.

If you have ever brought anything online it is that easy. We have industry standard encrypted DPS Payment Express as our default standard. The best part is you do not have to wait weeks now for a parcel to turn up.

On receiving payment the Deed of Nomination is requested from Convex Legal. You can expect to receive this within 5 working days.


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Step 13

Viewing and Printing your Trust Deed 


As soon as payment has been processed, you can access your trust deed. It truly is that quick. All you have left is to print, sign and have your deed witnessed.

We know it is difficult to believe that you can have your own family home trust ready for signing so quickly. That has been quality assured by Top Experts and you only pay around half the cost when compared to a traditional provider. But you truly can. So please do tell all your friends and family. As it is our goal to help as many hard working families as we can.


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Step 14

Signing, Witnessing and Dating your Documents 


Ensuring your Trust Deed is dated correctly, signed and witnessed. It is important to do this as soon as practically possible. Your witness should be someone whom will not benefit in any way from your family home trust.


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Step 15

Requesting an IRD Number


The Inland Revenue Department requires that your new Family Home Trust has an IRD Number. You will need to include a copy of your signed Trust Deed when you send your completed IR596 Form to Inland Revenue.


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Sample Document

Step 16

Secure Storage


It is a smart move to keep backup copies of your signed, witnessed and scanned important documents. You can do this with TrustUs in three easy steps.


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Guide 02 - Preparing Easy Wills

The below material will help you navigate your way through the process

Easy Wills

Protecting Your Legacy


Our Easy Wills allow you to leave your personal effects to whomever you choose, and your assets to your Family Home Trust. We have Perpetual Guardian as Backup Trustees in our documentation for two key events that could happen to you and your family.


[1:46 minutes]

Sample Document

Guide 03 - Transferring Term Life Insurance

The below guidance will help you navigate your way through the process of transferring term life insurance policies to your Family Home Trust

Ensuring Lump Sum Payouts

are used in the best way for your family


When you transfer Term Life Insurance policies into your Family Home Trust you are ensuring any payout is then used in the best interests of your family, over their lifetime.


[1:45 minutes]

Sample Document

Guide 04 - Secure Storage

The below material will help you store backup copies of

Important Documents

Just in case


It is a smart move to store backup copies of important documents. Documents get damaged, lost and there is always the potential of fire. You have this capability available with TrustUs to store your important documents with three easy steps.


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