Family Home Trusts

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If you have a house, an expanding family, or a growing property portfolio, then setting up a family trust will help to protect you and your family’s interests.


TrustUs have developed an easy way to set up your family home trust and wills online, with all the legal benefits of going to a trust lawyer, but without the delays. Setting up a family trust through TrustUs is quick, easy, and all without the hassle of leaving home.


Trusts are a way to safeguard your future, protecting your assets and helping to prevent any conflict over your family property or home.


New Zealanders set up family trusts to:

When you set up a trust through TrustUs your documents are ready to be signed in minutes.


Protect what matters to you now to secure the future of your loved ones. 

How does TrustUs work?


Setting up a family trust is now easy. Our 100% online step-by-step process lets you build your own family home trust on your terms, and at your own pace.


We provide step-by-step guidance, so you could have your very own family home trust in the time it takes you to finish your coffee. To save time, ensure you (and your partner) have your IRD number, drivers licence and/or passport details handy. 



1. Fill in your personal details and the name you’d like for your family home trust.

2. Keep your latest rates notice handy so that you can load in your family home’s details.

3. Make payment online or request consumer finance.

4. Print your trust deed, date, sign and have this witnessed.

5. Visit your local bank branch (with $10 and a copy of your trust deed) to set up a trust bank account.

6. Send off the completed IR596 Form with a copy of your trust deed to set up an IRD Number.  

7. Wait to receive your deed of nomination holding your home as nominee (within 5 working days).


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